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This remarkable system has the power to protect you...


The security system that keeps you safe in so many ways

It used to be that a burglar alarm was all you needed to feel safe. Well times have changed. And so have your security options. In keeping with the new times and new technologies, at Advanced Protection Systems, we’ve redefined the meaning of security. And we’ve translated this broader definition into a powerful new system that will keep you and your family safe ... in ways you never imagined.

Introducing Power 832 ... A security system that is more than a burglar alarm. A reliable, easy-to-use, affordable system that will offer you peace of mind for years to come.

7 Station Intercom (optional)
Power 832 offers so many new
Intercomand exciting ways to keep you and your family safe.
Optional 7 station intercom allows you to listen to the baby sleeping in the nursery, and communicate with your children in the playroom while you work in your 2nd office.
Talk to people at your door without having to open it.
All this security...and hands free too!
Home Automation (optional)
Imagine a security system that will control your home appliances. Imagine Power 832. With our home automation option, you can adjust your heating, control the lights, open your garage door, unlock your gates, and turn on your sprinkler system...
all with just a simple phone call.
With Power 832, you can even Secured Homeprogram your system to turn on the lights in the event of a burglar or fire alarm.
More great ways to stay safe
Paging (optional)
Can’t be home to greet the kids after school? Would like to track the number of hours your housekeeper Pager spends in your home?
Have peace of mind knowing that your system will page you the minute your kids walk through the door. Or when your housekeeper leaves for the day.
Power 832 offers different codes for different needs to suit your own personal lifestyle.
Remote Telephone Access (optional)
When you’re on vacation or on
business travel, there’s no need to worry about Remote Accessyour home. With Power 832, you can check on your system from anywhere in the world.
Remote telephone access option tells you instantly if your system is armed or there have been any alarms.
Talk about peace of mind.
Easy To Use
A security system is only effective if it’s a cinch to use.
Power 832 offers 5 one-touch function keys with one word commands. So when you’re rushing out the door, the push of a single button will ensure your home is safe and sound.
And with Power 832’s special ‘Exit’ button, there’s no need to disarm or rearm the system every time you leave the house or let the dog out.
Two Security Systems in one (additional monitoring fee)
Power 832 has the capability to protect two separate areas – your home plus a workshop, a valuable collection or an in-law/rental apartment.
For example, if you have a tenant, their security system will work independently of yours so your keypad won’t beep when they enter their apartment.
...in ways you never imagined
Options to enhance your alarm
Keypads and Future Zone Expansions
Keypads, Intercom/Monitor & Future Zone Expansion The intercom voice station can be attached to either of two great keypad options-LED & LCD. Each offers adjustable tone and back light. Their elegant styling suits any decor. LCD walks you through the system, giving you key information at a glance. With the addition of optional modules, the system can be easily expanded as your needs change.

7 Station Intercom
Now you can communicate easily and clearly with your family from any room in the house. No more walking upstairs to be heard. You can talk and listen without pressing buttons each time. Know who’s at your door without having to open it.
Motion Detector

Motion & Glassbreak Detectors
Today’s most advanced motion & glass break detectors use dual technology virtually eliminating false alarms.
Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm
Superior smoke/heat detection. Fire department will be dispatched in the event of a fire.
Remote Access

Remote Telephone Access
Control alarm from any phone in the world. Gives you complete status of alarm and allows you to make changes, disarm system, control 32 automatic devices such as heating, lighting, etc.
Wireless Components
900 MHz Spread spectrum wireless technology is superior for security applications because it provides the proven reliability of multiple frequency signal transmission and the high security of an encoded signal. Can be added to a hard wire system.
Wireless Panic Button
Wear around neck or on your body to dispatch police immediately.
Slim Line Transmitter
Used with wireless door or window contacts, fully supervised.
Wireless Key

Wireless Key
4 programmable function buttons of users choice such as STAY arm, AWAY arm, disarm, Fire, Auxiliary, Panic, Automation functions.
Wireless Motion Detector

Wireless Motion Detector
Proven detector design, high traffic shut down, fully supervised for tamper, low batt, fault.
Cellular Backup
Cellular Backup
In the event phone lines are cut this cellular backup takes over and sends signal immediately to monitoring center. DigiCell uses the cellular phone system, but it communicates on the secure digital part of the network, so no busy signals or dropped calls.
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